RGB Consulting

RGB Consulting

RGB Consulting is an ICT services Company dedicated to IT consultancy which provides solutions in organization and business management.

With more than 20 years of experience managing projects and developing solutions with an experienced, prepared and up-to-date staff, committed to become the IT department of your company.



It is complicated for a lot of companies to have their own IT department because technology changes so fast that it is difficult to be up-to-date. This fact leads to, almost always, non-productive investments followed by the hiring of new staff, increased expenditures and continuing training. In summary, an increase of structural costs in the company.

At  RGB Consulting we are aware of the new challenges posed by the information society and the new technologies. We focus in a new model of IT consultancy that allows to implement tailored solutions to every customer, with a methodology focused on offering clear, specific and appropriate answers to the requirements from the professionals in managing and controlling businesses.

Technological partner

As your company’s IT department, RGB Consulting is the technological partner which provides the best solutions, meeting every Company need, allowing a clear contribution to the development and competitiveness of the Company, assuming for you the technological complexity that business poses day by day.

This services are carried out in different phases that guarantee the control and the success at the end of every Project.

More than 20 years managing projects and solutions.

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