Maintenance services

Maintaining your ICT infrastructure

IT Maintenance

The maintenance service we offer to our customers has the mission to guarantee the total coverage of the IT infrastructure (software, hardware, Operating System and antivirus).

Advantages of hiring this service

Hiring this services allows your Company to

Avoid stoppages

Avoid the stoppages caused by any breakdown or incident contained in the maintenance contract.

Decrease costs

Avoid high expenses in undesired moments due to repairs, breakdowns or other incidents.


Have preventive revisions in order to detect possible failures before they cause a breakdown, minimizing the stoppages of the company.
We give a priority assistance to the resolution of breakdowns or we replace the equipment for another of identical characteristics and configurations in order to keep on working until the breakdown is solved and the equipment is repaired.
This service includes all the labor assistance, components replacements, etc.

We manage the technological complexity of your business.

Priority assistance in breakdowns and incidents resolutions.