Technical service and HelpDesk

Troubleshooting and technical breakdowns fixing

Your technical department

Nowadays the IT and the new technologies are essential in a business.

RGB Consulting offers you the advantages of having a technical department, becoming the key element you need to solve your brainteaser.

Experience and quality

Breakdowns in IT equipment and communication networks cause delays, lower productivity and can even cause inoperability in the business. Lots of companies can’t afford having an IT department due to the high staff expenditure they cause.

At  RGB Consulting , we have a qualified technical department to offer you technical onsite service, remote assistance, technical support for hardware breakdowns, virus removal, data recovery, system configuration, network installation, etc.

Our gained experience and constant expansion of our knowledge throughout continuous training are the main strengths we focus on.

Avoid stoppages in your business productivity.

We guarantee a quick and effective resolution of the technical breakdowns.