Odoo Technical Training Pack

Odoo Technical Training Pack

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Odoo technical configuration and development training online courses. Technical itinerary.
5 sessions / 25 hours / 1 user.

Odoo Technical Training Pack

Odoo technical configuration and development training online courses. Technical itinerary.

Course description

This course shows the advanced technical concepts to begin successfully in development of Odoo modules.

You can complete your training acquiring other courses or any of our packs with a recommended training schedule.


5 Online sessions of 5 hours. Total 25 hours.

Schedule from 9h to 14h CET.


After attending this course the participant will be able to:

  • Carry out the technical configuration of the instance of Odoo.
  • Manage the security policies of the instance of Odoo.
  • Create and modify reports and web pages in QWeb format.
  • Understand architecture and development concepts in Odoo.
  • Install and manage an instance to develop Odoo.
  • Develop a new module in Odoo.


Online sessions with certified trainers.

User training, theory and practice.

Language: Spanish.


Computer or tablet with web browser: Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Broadband internet connection.

To complete the practices and exercises is required that the participant has root access, in their machine or virtual machine, to a Linux System (Ubuntu Desktop recommended).

As this is an advanced technical course, it is required for the participant to have notions of HTML, XML, CSS, Linux systems and Python programming. An intermediate level of English (reading) is recommended.


The courses and sessions that are part of this pack are:

  • Session 1 : Technical I (Configuration and security)
  • Session 2 : Technical II (QWeb, reports and interface)
  • Session 3 : Programming I (Setup, ORM, menus and views)
  • Session 4 : Programming II (Inheritance, calculated fields, advanced views, security)
  • Session 5 : Programming III (Workflows, wizards, localization, reports, web services)


As soon as the training registration is confirmed, the participant will have access to the training material (syllabus, exercises and solutions) and an online Odoo instance in order to prepare the session.