Odoo Website + Marketing Course

Odoo Website + Marketing Course

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Odoo / OpenERP functional training online course. Website + Marketing.
1 session / 5 users.

Odoo Web + Marketing Course

Odoo / OpenERP functional training online course. Website + Marketing.

Course description

This course teaches how to use Odoo and his web Content Management System to establish your business in the internet: create a website, promote it (SEO) and manage the marketing campaigns and online events.

You can complete your training acquiring other courses or any of our packs with a recommended training schedule.


Online session up to 5 attendees. Training options:

  • Express: Resolution of questions and doubts about training material. Duration 2 hours. Schedule from 9h to 11h CET.
  • Online: Guided tour, resolution of questions and doubts about training material. Duration 4 hours. Schedule from 9h to 13h CET.


After attending the course the participant will be able to:

  • Start up the website of your business.
  • Create and edit pages and menus of your website.
  • Familiarize with the layout blocks of Odoo.
  • Promote your website via SEO and social networks.
  • Create website in different languages.
  • Manage your news blog.
  • Establish online support channels in your website.
  • Send news messages via subscription (newsletters).
  • Manage the marketing campaigns of your company.
  • Send promotional mailing and analyze its effectiveness.
  • Create and manage surveys to customers and partners.
  • Publish events and manage the inscription process.


Online sessions with certified trainers.

User training, theory and practice.

Access to a private Odoo instance ready for your training.

Language: Spanish, Catalan.


Computer or Tablet with web browser: Chrome, Safari o Firefox. Broadband internet connection.

It is recommended that the participants have basic knowledge of Web and SEO.


The course is composed by the following subjects:

  • Website. Installation and configuration.
  • Website design. Blocks. Menus. Themes.
  •  Website promotion. SEO. Social networks.
  • Multi-language websites.
  • Blogs. Online support.
  • Newsletters. Web Leads.
  • Campaigns. Mailing.
  • Surveys. Publication and analysis.
  • Events. Subscriptions and Tickets.


As soon as the training registration is confirmed, the participant will have access to the training material (syllabus, exercises and solutions) and an online Odoo instance in order to prepare the session.

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